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Job Analysis is a process that identifies and determines the elements of a job profile and their importance for a given job. Job Analysis helps to to draw the contours of a job profile based on the inputs received of the job.

Content of Job Analysis: A detailed report of the ingredients that make up a job, conditions under which they are performed and the requisition of necessary aptitude, attitude, knowledge, skill and the physical condition of the employee, together, constitute the content of the Job Analysis.

The objective of Hr software focuses on determination of most efficient methods of doing the job, enhancement of employee’s job satisfaction, improvement in training methods and development of performance appraisal systems.

Importance of Job Analysis:
Resume Analysis helps to realize the job related employment procedures, such as training, selection, compensation and performance appraisal.

Provides training inputs:
Resume Analyzer provides inputs for Training, such as, develop training contents, judge training results, identify logistics useful in imparting training, and adopt newer methods of training, e.g., use of audio, video gadgets, PP presentations etc.

Discern and decide compensation:

Job Analysis also helps in measuring and evaluating the level of compensation for an identified job. The considerations that contribute to arrive at a level of compensation for a job are: skill level, level of education, responsibilities (e.g.,supervisory, financial), work environment and job risks.

Inputs for selection procedure:

Job Analysis provides a handy tool to HR Managers in conduct of recruitment and selection of newer posts, providing detailed information to candidates of job profile, grades of wages, minimum educational qualification, experience, and frame selection tests to evaluate candidate’s suitability for appointment.

Performance appraisal:

Job Analysis also provides useful information for performance appraisal, such as to identify and develop the goals and objectives of the organization, performance standards, evaluation criteria and length of probation of apprentices, etc.

Source by Vijay Tomar