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A Good Heart by Feargal Sharkey

What’s going on?

This post concerns “A Good Heart”, a song by Irish singer Feargal Sharkey and released as the first single from his debut album. The song was written by Maria McKee, of “Show Me Heaven” infamy.

Why does seem a little “off”?

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“I hear a lot of stories…”

Original Lyrics

I hear a lot of stories. I suppose they could be true. All about love and what it can do to you.

Post/Caption Ideas

  • Style: Earnest

There are amazing stories here. Stories of finding our love, first-love, looking for love, about the long search for love in all its shapes and colors. And I’ve been asked time and time again – “Are these stories true?”. I have no answer to give them. All I can say is that I hear these tales told with utter conviction on a warm night after too much…

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  • Style: Compassionate

There are many stories about love. Some of them are true. Hear the story of a woman who lost her love and had to go on without him. With A Good Heart, you won’t have to go through that pain.


  • Style: Awestuck

Hey {recipient name}!

I hear a lot of stories. I suppose they could be true. All about love and what it can do to you.

You know, people say that you’ll never know what you got ’til it’s gone? But that’s not entirely true. What if you have never been in love and find yourself with someone who loves you? What if that person is the only person who has ever loved you? You’d probably think those stories are true, wouldn’t you? And you might think they’re worth telling too.

“True love, the lasting kind.”

Original Lyrics

And a good heart, these days, is hard to find (a good heart). True love, the lasting kind. A good heart, these days, is hard to find. So please be gentle with this heart of mine.

Customer Testimonial

  • Style: Appreciative

I’m lucky. I found a real gem in Test 01. It’s hard to find a good heart these days, but she is the one for me. She is always there with a laugh when I need it, even if I know it’s going to hurt her feelings later on. We’ve been together for almost two years now and haven’t had one fight yet!

Story Plot

  • Style: Cautionary Tale

It’s been some time since Ben and Jane had any meaningful contact. Ben was a retired policeman, but now he’s just a guy struggling to find his way in the world. Jane became a successful executive, with the perfect family and the perfect house. But behind her carefully constructed life are stresses and pressures she isn’t prepared for.

One day, Ben needs Jane’s help with an urgent task. He knows that if she won’t come back for him, his life may be over soon. But can he convince her to abandon her comfortable world in order to help him? And will they be able to bridge their differences enough to find their way back together?

Product Description

  • Style: Formal

When you think of all the junk that’s out there, it’s hard to know where to turn. You’re looking for a good heart, and it’s hard to find. Thankfully, we’re here. We believe in love the way it should be: the kind that lasts. When you find that person who fits your life – who really gets you – we hope you’ll want to get one of our personalized charms for them.

“My expectations may be high…”

Original Lyrics

My expectations may be high, I blame it on my youth. Soon enough, I’ll learn the painful truth. I’ll face it like a fighter. Then boast of how I’ve grown. Anything is better than being alone.

Copywriting Framework (AIDA)

  • Style: Funny

Attention: Haven’t you learned your lesson yet, mom?
Interest: I expect a lot from myself, because I’ve always had a lot. Growing up with my parents in a wealthy neighbourhood, I’ve always been one of the most popular kids. I’ve never been in any real danger of living without what I need, but that didn’t mean I got everything that I wanted.
Desire: You may not be able to give me everything, but you can show me the way to live my life. Do that for me and you can feel proud. Anything is better than being alone.
Action: Don’t let me go down the same path that I saw my father go down when he set fire to his brother’s neighbour’s his “sausage sandwich in-law.”

Business Idea Pitch

  • Style: Humble

I’ve got some big dreams. They’re really big, but I’m going to do everything in my power to make them a reality. My journey will be tough, but I’ll never back down. I’ll make it out of this alive and stronger than ever.

Profile Bio

  • Style: Inspirational

I’ve been through the trenches. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, but I’m not ashamed either.