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[su_icon_panel background=”#043962″ color=”#ffffff” shadow=”0px 1px 2px #eeeeee” radius=”4″ icon=”icon: info-circle” icon_color=”#ffffff”]I’m working on it!

It takes time to write what I want to be quality content so please be patient.[/su_icon_panel]

Until I find some time to write it up, please enjoy these pictures of some lovely Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB single board computers that are running a three node Docker Swarm with a spare / development machine about them.

The nodes are STEAK, CHICKEN and VEGETABLE using Docker Community Edition and Cepfs, however I’m yet to get Cepfs to like the Raspian 64-bit beta, Ubuntu 18 LTS or Ubuntu 20 LTS operating systems as data never actually replicates. I’ll post full specs when I can.